Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Lucky Literary Resurrection For Nashville

Last December found Nashville book lovers mourning the loss of our city's last full service independent book store. It was a sign of turbulent times in the publishing world. Soon, three Borders here would also turn off the lights and permanently close their doors. More than a few us knew that three fingers on our… Continue Reading

Bi-Monthly Autism Orientation Tomorrow

    Tomorrow night I will do something I do six times a year. I will stand before a room of parents, grandparents, teachers and other greater Nashville community members. I will follow an hour presentation by a speech therapist, a psychologist–by some type of professional that works in the field of autism.  They will… Continue Reading

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

I am my mother's daughter. I am my mother's daughter when I entertain company. Any occasion for her was an occasion to serve her signature chicken curry or chocolate fudge-icing bundt cake and Maxwell House coffee. I love to entertain. She used to say I was the only daughter who got that gene. I am… Continue Reading

Eclectic Visual-Written Fall Gratitude Feast

 "When we innocently pass through a day without acknowledging our good, we are denying ourselves a sense of pleasure and delight. We lose a consciousness of expectation that things will continue to get even better. Gratitude is it's own prayer." — from "Taking it for Granted," Spirit Coach Gregory Fisher's daily e-blast, Oct. 19, 2011… Continue Reading

Take Your Cure & Shove It. We’re Fine Just as We Are!

"Look! There's our silver lining." My friend pointed to the blackened sky, the full moon hidden by swollen clouds yet rimming their tops in silver. It was Saturday night and I'd driven The Divorce Mobile, top down–my friend riding shot gun–down to south of Nashville to a Mayberry-like community where California music business types retire… Continue Reading