Art & Soul Debuts Swarthout & Haile

There's a special little place tucked into the hip, urban environs of Nashville's 12th South district. For many, it's too well-kept of a secret. Yet, magic happens there.  Art & Soul is not your typical art studio. Take a hint from the third word in the center's name. Art & Soul is more than how-to art making. It's about going beyond the visual and taking a deep dive within. Classes, mentoring programs and co-op membership include all art forms: poetry and other creative writing, authentic voice and movement and a plethora of visual art play. And the maven of Nashville spiritual art: Art & Soul owner/founder Arunima Orr.

And, lucky me, I am a graduate of the 2003-2004 Year-long Intensive. A superb investment as I left my marriage and entered the next phase of my Life's Journey. I entered dead-sure I would reconnect with my visual art. Instead I wrote a book. And not this one, but a yet-published autism momoir.

Early December, Art & Soul, ever expanding the boundaries of its unique vision, hosted it's first art show featuring just two of its students: Toni Swarthout and Pam (PJ) Haile. The two artists' work blended well  and provided a lush visual backdrop to a warm, comfortable open, unpretentious energy not commonly found at art shows elsewhere. Here are some views from the evening:

Art & Soul Artist Toni Swarthout.jpeg Art&Soul Artist PJ Haile

Artist Toni Swarthout, above left, and artist PJ Haile, above right. Swarthout's paintings and Haile's sculpture with onlooker, below left. Haile's painting and sculpture, below right.

  Art&Soul, works by Haile & Swarthout Art&Soul, PJ Haile.jpeg

Art&Soul Show 1209 Art & Soul 1209 Warm heads, warm hearts, great art.

 Deanie & Nima Deanie & Nima, left.

Art&SoulShow 1209 Merry Christmas, Art & Soul!  

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  1. Oh, lucky you…year-long! I love that space. I’ve done a weekend workshop that was powerful and enriching. That Aurnima is a gem who has helped so many souls find their voice and creativity.
    (It was great to see you this weekend, by the way…)

  2. i thinks that this art work is like a aabsrtct type painting, the techniques that the painter used was, the collisions of the colors, the colors that he/she put was in a way i think is very good, because the colors are attacking each other. the elements and principals that the painter used are, line,shape,form,unity,space. i think these are the ones because the painter showed all these things and as well making it obvious. i think this was a great piece because the colors makes me feel good in a way, its really good to look at. Some thing to improve on is to lessen the green because it looks like that the green is dominant, but i would rather like it if all the colors are even.