Baltimore Bound!: Honestly Autism Day

Today, I am Baltimore
bound where I'll be speaking tomorrow, Saturday, April 20, at the Honestly Autism Day
conference. wOOT! These folks share my ideas on autism, apparently, and I'm very
happy the internet led their very friendly and competent conference
coordinator, Debbie Page, to my blogsite, here, which led her to invite me to present
twice during the day's events. Author/columnist Ellen Notbohm of the popular
"Ten Things About Autism" book series will keynote. I look forward to
meeting her. I'll be delivering my expanded personal version of the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee's popular autism parent orientation, which I've been presenting for about 10 years every other Third Thursday at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. (Next one's May 16.) I premiered my individualized on-the-road version at last year's Tennessee Megadisability Conference. The name is "The DisAbility Journey: Loss, Grief and the Path to Acceptance."

According to Page, "the whole day is about honesty,
gratitude and collaboration.  It is a combined effort of the Autism
Society of Baltimore-Chesapeake
, Baltimore County Public School’s Office of
Special Education and the Towson University’s Department of Special Education. We call ourselves
the Partnership Project!  For this year’s event we have 444 registrants
plus another 156 speakers, guests, panelists and vendors!"

About the conference logo art,
Chris Kendall, a young man with autism, created it four years ago for the
premiere conference in this annual series. Then he was a high school junior at that time.
Good work Chris!

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  1. I’m SO HAPPY for you and everyone involved that gets to hear you, Leisa! You present so well and so this has got to be win-win, congratulations! Bon voyage!

  2. I went to the honestly autism day April 20th. I didn’t turn in my survey paper.Would you know where to send it to? Thank you very much if you have the address. I have it with envelope and stamp! I just need an address for it. Thank you.