Cross-Country Traveling & A Micro-blog

Ten states in 10 days? Heck yeah, if you count that it took friend, Kate Ratliff, and I, three days, make that four, to cross Texas. Since I last posted, cough, in September, Grace and I’ve been back to Grayton Beach, Fla., and in late December, I traveled with Kate from Nashville to Florida and across I-10 to Kerrville, Texas, up to Lubbock and over the Santa Fe. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m micro-blogging, at least about this, via both Kate and my instagram accounts. Come follow us: and Or you can follow along via my account at the very bottom of my blog, by clicking my photos and corresponding stories of our trip. (Hint: the juicier content is on Kate’s feed.)

It was an adventure we nicknamed our personal Thelma and Louise, aka Kate and Leisa. We didn’t drive off a cliff but we did nearly die of carbon monoxide poisoning from…oh, I failed to mention we navigated this trip, at least the first half, via a 2017 24-foot new RV—Kate’s. But we had to alter our plans after the beep-beep-beep that went off the night we slept in a Kerrville, Texas, state campground. #dontmesswithtexas Follow along, heart us, and comment here, there. xoxo #livedtotellit #andmicrobloggingit

Photo: © #UmbrellaSkyPensacola
(and, yeah, that photo’s over-pixelated)




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