December Views: Grinning Grace

Grace grins silly at the annual Mayors Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. Her, mixed media work, above her, was eventually purchased by Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and given to former NFL Miami Dolfin Hall of Famer, Dan Marino  who founded the Marino Foundation. Photo: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Pictured here at about age 8.

Something different. That's right, Dear Readers. This month, it may not look too terribly different to you, but oh, it is to me. I try to post a week at a time, but the book complicated that and I found myself more than a couple of nights before a M-W-F post dog tired and at the keyboard when sleep long ago beckoned.

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs, Chookooloonks, who got the idea at Hippy Urban Girl. HUG's author write that the month is supposed to be about slowing down and enjoying Life. (When we know that's seldom the case.) But a band a bloggers, nationwide, if not worldwide, are signing up to kinda sign off, at least a little, this month. More photos, less writing. And, as cool, Hippy Urban Girl explains, each blogger creates their own rules as to how often they post, (I'll continue three times a week within my core themes of "Autism, Art and All the Rest of Life,") and how much they choose write. (By the time I joined this third week of the month, I had at least two time-sensitive pre-posts that will have their usual word contribution.)  

So, the above, is some GraceArt, on this Wednesday, when I typically cover Autism/DisAbility issues. We are working on our new site at the time of this writing. We're getting there….Enjoy.

And, listen or read here for a brief mother-son interview on Story Corps via NPR's Morning Edition about having a special needs sibling. Short. Grab-a-tissue-touching.

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