Know the Hope: Tammy Vice


The beautiful songs of Tammy Vice, devoted autism parent/advocate and talented singer/songwriter, always induce a tear or two from me. Of this song, above, she writes,

"Th[is] song was originally written after Morgan had a meltdown.  She wanted a Swanson Chicken pot pie in the blue box.  They didn't make it anymore, and there was no explaining it to her.  It was at a family gathering, and we all fell apart.  The point is that she's taught me a whole lot more over the years than I've ever taught her.  When my friend did the video, he decided to also include Allison and her graduation, because it broadened the meaning.[…]"

Half-way through the video is a shot of Tammy's annual must-go-to April Bluebird Cafe Songwriters in the Round event she organizes to benefit the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee.


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