“My Different Son”


To spread the message of autism incidence, performing artist and songwriter Susan Werner is offering the above song via MP3 audio download for free: www.susanwerner.com.

From her manager, Cliff Seltzer of Gold Mountain Entertainment, here in Nashville: "We know that radio is never going to play "Different Son," as it deals with too serious a subject. Yet, I was really moved by the song. It begs to be heard by any family affected by this disorder. Then, when I heard that one out of every 70 boys is born with autism, I realized people must pay attention. The numbers are simply staggering!"

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  1. Whoops! I just learned I’d misunderstood that Susan Werner was a mother and had a son on the spectrum. I had and put that out in some of my blog sharing, though not in my official post, above. I’m swooping down to correct my bad. Even more touching that someone who didn’t have a direct descendant affected would pen these words….