The Trump Challenge: Continue Walking in Love

myfeet-heart-2-14-13-leisahammett-comHalf of us are hurting and half of us are celebrating. While the red-hat party is going on next door, let’s gather our tribe over here. Here’s the message, Loves. Keep on keeping on. Keep on loving. Keep on holding open doors (literal and metaphorical). And when the doors remain closed, keep on pounding those mothers down. It looked very hopeful for a while, didn’t it? Very. The women and men of Pantsuit Nation bonded over our anticipation. We cyber- danced and held hands in the spirit of love and encouragement. We can still do that. Yes we can.

The patriarchy did not die, Nov. 8, 2016. Unfortunately. Instead it reared up with huuuuuuuge force and blocked our long-dreamed about access. Sigh.

Three steps forward. Two steps back.

People frequently offer up platitudes to me: What a good mother I am. Blah blah. (My young adult daughter has autism.) Well, folks, I’m her mother. I am doing what mothers do. I love my child and I will do everything within my power that is reasonable to provide a good life for her. We got to do the same things for own ourselves, our own tribe. Right here. Right now. We have no other choice for our survival. Ya just do.

The financial markets belched and roiled with indigestion on the eve of Trump’s election. And, hell, I can’t change that.

I don’t like it. I think it sucks. All of it. But I’m not going to stop living. I’m not going to die because of it. I’m not going to become homeless. Some people will continue to be less fortunate. So I’m going to continue living and loving and sharing.


Look, we’re on this planet to learn. It looked like the immediate forecast was going to include an historic, cataclysmic ceiling shattering. But it didn’t happen. Instead, doom could happen. Doom, that is, in the future that is not yet born. But we aren’t going to prevent it by worrying about it. Present-time consciousness, people. Did the Buddha worry? Did Jesus? They kept on keeping on. And so can we.

Okay. Again. One step. Two steps….Breathe deep. We can do this. Change is hard. Damn straight it is.


PS: While much of this election has torn us apart, at least in the last few days, I feel like it’s brought a number of us together. I’ve met, heard and read more of your stories of hardship and loss. My heart has broken over your pain and swelled with greater, deeper love. My friends of another color, my friends of a different orientation, my people with disAbility, I regret and hate the fact of your pain wrought by hate rhetoric. And my sisters, we have been empowered by the most unlikely to empower. We are not done and we will not, must not stop. And now I must challenge myself to rid my own self of the hateful thoughts, the judgements, and have like compassion for those who chose a path I do not understand. One step….

10 Responses to The Trump Challenge: Continue Walking in Love

  1. I feel the way you do about this. Disappointed, don’t understand how people could have voted for him, but thinking about how we can take the high road, what we can learn, and being our best selves in spite of this. Thanks for writing!

    • Oh, Rena. I hope you know that I was not saying that we give up! No-no! But we have a choice which road we take and we have a choice in how we let this affect us. x

  2. This is fantastic! Bloggers will help the rest of the world calm down from what “reputable media” has been spewing and then stirring up because they’re mad too at how they were all fooled. Not saying it wasn’t shocking but Hillary and Obama all had healing words and hope for unity. Hopefully we can start there (and here) and move forward.

  3. Sarah, I’ve been saying all through the election that now is the time for the artists. And I consider myself one of both word and visuals. Through our various media, we bring the lens of honest truth and both the unbearable beauty and unbearable ugly. x

  4. I. Love. This. “Three steps forward, two steps back,” leaving us still one step forward. A baby step, to be sure. Thank you for the perspective.

  5. Hi Leisa,

    As always, thank you. Though you might appreciate this meditation from Richard Rohr’s Facebook page

    Center for Action and Contemplation
    Father Richard offered a prayer for those who are hurting today (tomorrow he’ll reflect more in a special meditation). He invites us to take a contemplative pause to feel whatever we and those close to us are feeling, to be still, to center and ground ourselves in Love’s presence. Only from this place of union with Love can we then take the necessary actions for peace and healing.
    All vulnerable and merciful God,
    We do not know what is ours to do.
    We feel scared and alone today.
    We are tired of taking sides.
    We cannot hold any more fear or anger or rejection.
    And yet we know so many of our friends feel unheard and unwanted.
    Help us trust that no feeling is final,
    And that YOU will have the full and final word.
    If You are indeed a Suffering God, may we hold this suffering with You for those who voted for Hillary Clinton, for those who voted for President-elect Donald Trump, and for the many who have felt excluded by our politics in the many ways that we do indeed exclude.
    We offer ourselves as best we can to hold this Love outward and open toward all, just as You never cease to do toward us.
    We believe You are praying this prayer through us.